Human Dignity

8 Dec

“The belief that each human being possesses a metaphysical value simply in the fact of his or her existence remains at the root of John Paul II’s indefatigable defense of human dignity.” Pope John Paul II’s advocacy of human dignity in the article gave me as a reader a beautiful meaning. Before I thought that human dignity is something that we should be given. I suppose we need to shout at the top of our lungs in order for the society to give us this inherent power that we have. But the pope gave me the alternative, which is the fact of this supposed ‘dignity’ that we all possess.
During the time that I was reading the article about the Sudanese and Palestinian women I realized a lot about the diversity in our cultures. While some of us have been strutting along the streets with shorts and sando paired with flip flops, in the other part of the world comes an ego-feeding sovereignty that forbids women even just to drive or talk to a stranger. Whatever their rules are, my point is that while we feel here in our democratic country that we can do anything and be liberal about our rights, still there are places that do not practice the same democracy that we have and worse the human dignity that we all possess is not respected.
The pope had said in the statement that the objectivity derives form the universality of human nature according to which every human person possesses the potential for intelligent and free action. The subjectivity flows from the fact that the human being may employ the intellect and will creatively to constitute the individual self. The subjectivity of the matter is what makes the countries like those in the Middle East not practice their human dignity themselves because they do not respect the others’ dignity as well. And so far as to what I have learned, human dignity is respecting others’ as well.
These instances go to show that human dignity is a real issue in our present society. It is by respecting others that we live up to our own self-dignity. While dignity is inherent, respecting it is not. And while it is inherent, if one does not respect others’ dignity is erasing his as well.
I must end with an on-point statement from the article that is the letter of the pope to a French theologian. “The evil of our times consists in the first place in a kind of degradation, indeed in a pulverization, of the fundamental uniqueness of each human person. This evil is much more of the metaphysical order than of the moral order. To this disintegration, planned at times by atheistic ideologies, we must oppose, rather than sterile polemics, a kind of ‘recapitulation’ of the inviolable mystery of the person..”


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