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Greener pastures

29 Sep

The three articles that I have read are really about energy and the environment. How does it affect us in the long run and how can we put up with it. Is it really there already or we can radically change the outcome if we start changing now? This blog explains the things I have seen and my concerns and actions about it.

“Further, if the expansion of population and energy consumption were to continue at the same rates throughout the next 100 years, as seems plausible on the basis of Putnams. Estimates, the total energy input required for the next century might approximate 200 Q. This would clearly demand large new additional sources of energy” This statement puts the energy on the limelight. The question is how can we really produce more energy if the world just keeps on demanding for more and more. This article was written for more than a decade yet the issue as it seems is the same as we have now, the only difference is that when this was written there are more supply of energy than now. And this makes it worse for our generation because if this is the problem more than a decade ago, what more it is now. The real issue here is as what we have discussed before, if in the supply chain one producer or consumer does not practice eco-friendly ways of producing or consuming its goods, the transition to eco-friendly practices will be of a hard time since the chain is not consistent with its advocacy, and that is our problem today.

“In considering the future, we know that one route has already been closed: we no longer line in a world in which the need of consuming countries determine the price and availability of OPEC oil. Instead the oil-exporting countries behave in their own logic” This world is now becoming more selfish as generations pass by. It’s not only that we exploit resources for our own benefits but we also take advantage of the resources that we have in order to manipulate the money. Not saying it’s a bad thing to use our resources to make money, what is bad is that we exploit resources (which by the way are non-renewable if further used selfishly) without ever replenishing them. There are more terms now than ever before which can be added to the term “illegal” because of the innovative ways of people to exploit resources. And in this statement, it shows how the OPEN countries have manipulated the cycle of oil in order to gain advantage. This might be the reason behind the western media’s coined term of “ISIS” and their destruction in order for the US to take over their resources. The world is chaotic as it was. But I know it’s never too late to do something better than this. Seems far enough to connect but if we just practice being an ecological community here at San Beda, we can start anew and influence everyone to do the same.


“Even if energy innovations have a lot of potential, they might not be deployable until its too late” As what the article have said, it’s taking too long for the innovative technology to penetrate the market. All we have to do is to let the government fund these technologies and help them produce this. This is not only to get funds from the government but this is to let the production increase as to decrease its prices. So everyone can afford it not just who are well-off. Because the people who are most affected with this change are the ones who cannot afford to buy these technologies.

All in all I just want to make a change. And as a student I can do so by being an example myself. To live an advocacy of becoming greener is not easy but it will surely affect those people around me and may change their perspective. We can change the world by changing one person at a time, and it had to be you.