Aging Earth: How can it slow down?

21 Aug

    The world is not the same 30 years ago. With that little time, it has evolved into a less conducive world to live in. Why? because it’s sustainability is rapidly decreasing and people are indifferent when it comes to this matter. It’s like when all the trees are cut down, when all the animals are dead, when all the water are poisoned, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will people discover that we cannot eat money and how much time do we have left if we wait for a miracle for the world to sustain itself. We need to start now and factors like environmental awareness, sustainable development, religion, human health, and development may help in some ways. This blog is about how we 21st century people can stop the aging of the earth.

     In the past, the world’s ecosystems were able to absorb the ecological damage resulting from extensive industrialization and development. However, with the rapid increases in global population and industrialization, as well as enhanced demands on natural resources such as fresh water supplies, the earth is no longer able to sustain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. This very statement is the root cause why it is vital to study environmental management. As future HR Practitioners, working hard for our future companies is not the trend anymore. But, with the environmental crisis, we should also consider how to work with the company and at the same time consider the stakeholders, AND the environment. This has led me to a conclusion wherein we need not just to feed our selfish and hungry nature but also, we need to know and continuously study how to sustain our resources.

     By this, sustainable development is now considered by many organizations and their stakeholders as being the model to follow. A coordinated approach is required to solve environmental problems. There is therefore a need to have a better understanding of the multidisciplinary interrelationships between sustainable development, human health and the environment. Specific emphasis was placed on globalization and sustainable growth, bioethics and poverty, organizational performance and sustainability, environmental management and individual progress, human and ecosystem health, and water resources and recycling. These subtopics are what the author of the article considered as the vital points to study because understanding the topics may lead to a harmonious relationship among industrialization, environment and human health. As what I have said, having a sustainable development means having harmony among the three.

     Another question caught my eye in the article that I have read – “Making Peace With The Environment” it states there that “The world is precariously situated; if we are not at war against nature, at least a deep-seated ecological violence prevails.” deep. seated. ecological. violence. These 4 words describe what is happening to the environment. Despite some revolutions and activities to eradicate environmental violence, it is just that hard to run it because face it, resources are there to be used as ‘RESOURCES’. But the right question there is, “how much is enough?” and personally, calling myself a “semi-growing” environmentalist, I could say that my religion brought a lot of things to me being one. We are taught to be stewards of the environment.
     In the book of Genesis, while the Lord said ‘it is good’ after 6 days of making the world, on the 7th after making the man He said, “‘Have a lot of children! Fill the earth with people and bring it under your control. Rule over the fish in the ocean, the birds in the sky, and every animal on earth…’ God looked at what He have done and all of it was very good”
     Religion—which is a complex of beliefs, practices, symbols, values, and institutions—has considerable influence in the public sphere, an influence beyond the impact on individual adherents. Most if not all of the religion has something to say about the environment. With the articles that we have read, muslim, catholics, christians, buddhism, they all have one thing in common to say about the environment and that is either to be stewards or to become one with the environment. This harmony that the religion is bringing to the minds of the people is powerful because more than the individual impact, collectively, it can start a movement and affect the environment greatly. If only all the people would be so religious to their beliefs then the world can be a conducive place for the next generation to live in.


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