When did it start?

28 Aug

When did people find out that there is a better way in improving productions and operations? How did they know that there is a more efficient and effective way of producing and operating things?

Well the questions will give the readers insights about the main subject of this blog. Some answers would be based on the writer’s opinion but will always be backed-up by different sources and some will be directly from articles or/and forums. The following write-ups would be all about the magic of effective and efficient operations and production management and how it all started.

The many principles and theories of production and operations management started during the early eighteenth century which began in Great Britain and within a few decades had spread to Western Europe and the United States where transition to new manufacturing processes evolved, or what is now known as the Industrial Revolution.  Adam Smith recognised the economic benefits of specialisation of labour during this time.  He recommended breaking of jobs down into subtasks and recognising workers to specialised tasks in which they would become highly skilled and efficient. This principle will later guide what will be known as the Scientific Management proposed by Frederick W. Taylor, which discusses the development of time study and work study and the division of planning and doing work. Then, many principles and ideas soon followed in relation to the given principles.

The continuous study of making production and operations efficient brought about by the industrial revolution stirred the manufacturers’ hunger for maximising their acquired resources and manpower. This paved way to the idea that there is a more efficient way of doing things and that is exactly what Taylor offered.

Taylor’s ideas were highly influential that one of the first mass production of Ford’s Model T’s drove off the assembly line applied the Scientific Management that he conceptualised throughout his career and observations as a mechanical engineer. Some people did not agree with what Taylor was proposing, maybe because of the drastic changes it will eventually bring to the manufacturing table. It was drawn to many criticisms despite the efficiency it has brought. Taylor wrote, “it is possible to give the workman what he most wants-high wages-and the employer what he wants-a low labor cost-for his manufactures.” a unusual philosophy for the management forces that has led many to raise their eyebrows but despite the uniqueness of his theory, Taylor proved his ideas are effective by the assembly line of  Ford’s Model T’s and most especially by applying his principles up until the present time.

The innovative and witty theory of Taylor has led to a progressive era. But, as what Taylor had taught me through his work,  ‘just because something has always been done that way, don’t assume that it’s the best way.’ I guess the search for doing things the best way it can be done is a never-ending journey. But I must commend Taylor for drawing the starting line for the search, it is now up to this present generation to continue the journey.


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